Saturday, November 20, 2004

Being sick poses great consequences...

Being home sick for three days isn't so bad, right? Endless cups of tea and tissues crumpled up in a heaping pile are all I've seen for the past few days. Well I don't have anything really meaningful to write here, except for what is on my mind. I have 40/75 notecards finished. Procrastination seems to be something I cannot avoid lately. District auditions are in 14 days and I'm not very prepared. I'm sure I'll get in, but I did very well last year (6th out of 100 something), and I will find it somewhat embarassing to place badly. I usually make the district piece the bane of my existence, but this year I am aiming at "bigger and better things." College auditions will be coming up next year. I want to be ready. I'm not expecting to get into a big name conservatory because I didn't start early enough, and probably didn't work as hard as I should have for awhile. I am really hoping to get into Temple University with flying colors. If not, then I'd really like to get into Ithaca College. The only problem with that school is that it costs an arm and a leg. I'd need a scholarship, but I would imagine that it is very competitive there. Then there's PGSA. Temple covers $4,000 of the $9,000 yearly tuition. If I could swing that, then I'd be in great shape. Well, I guess the best thing to do is take this all one step at a time.


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